Current Events

It never ends, does it? I really don’t understand how anyone can still support this administration. I know many of the headlines are meant to bait us, to solicit an emotional response, but when the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR and Dan Rather are screaming a collective WTF, you might want to pay close attention.

Just for fun, I decided to document what was in my FB newsfeed this morning. I bypassed all the questionable and flat out fake news sites and put together this:

Is it any wonder we are stressed out and overwhelmed? Short of not paying attention, not reading the news, I don’t know what the solution is. Every single one of these headlines makes me want to push back. Every single one of these headlines demands outrage and counterpoint.

Here’s the thing: whether you are liberal, progressive, or conservative, whether you believe in big government, little government, or no government, the question I have for you is this: do you care about your neighbor? Because if you do, then the path this country is on, the direction this administration is taking, should worry the hell out of you. I’m not going to incite inflammatory rhetoric (though “First they came for…” is on auto-repeat in my head), I’m not going to employ scare tactics, or preach my bleeding heart liberal mantra. I’m simply going to say that if you care about your neighbor, about your fellow man, about the less fortunate among us, then you have to ask yourself, what in the holy hell is going on here?


3 thoughts on “Current Events

  1. I ask myself daily, “What in the holy hell is going on?!”
    This all contributes to the seething rage I live with daily and there is no end in site.
    To cope, I call and write to my representatives, protest, march, attend meetings (thank you ks for helping to organize some of them), support organizations that defend the constitution and the rights of people, subscribe to publications that are fact-based and hold elected and appointed officials accountable…I will continue to do all these things to resist the insidiousness of this morally corrupt administration. To do otherwise is to be complicit. I agree, this is not about “politics” it is about the moral and ethical underpinnings of who we are as a nation and a people.

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  2. If you really want to understand the worldview of this administration, look to the works of Ayn Rand. She was the mother of the greed is good concept. Paul Ryan is a huge fan, need I say more?

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  3. Just as “food” for thought, I’d like to express three small words, “Meals on Wheels.” How low can we go? Maybe, if we rid our country of all those selfish old shut-ins who are just trying to score a free meal, we will set this land right again. God help us all!

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