Working through it

I’ve spent the last week or so writing a story about productivity. This piece put up a good fight — I can almost believe it didn’t want to be written — but with the help of a smart editor and a few really productive (!!) hours yesterday and early this morning, I finally got the job done.

I mention this because somewhere within these last few days, as I was researching scientific studies and watching TED talks on time management, I stumbled back onto my zen.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still dismayed and devastated over cabinet appointments and Russia and fake news and where this country seems to be headed, but today it feels more intellectual, less emotional. I can no longer feel my blood pressure (literally) rising as I read the news.

I feel a sense of resignation. I think there are some very dark days ahead, but I see now that the only way to move forward is to get through it. There’s no reverse, there’s only straight ahead. It’s time to put our heads down and do the hard work, we have to watch this incoming administration like a hawk, and we have to support the organizations that will be able to hold the president elect and his band of billionaires to the letter of the law.

I always learn something when I work on the stories I am assigned. I like information and facts; I also love words. What I was reminded of when working on this most recent piece is that we need to devote as much time to the things that keep us happy and healthy as we devote to the hard work we do.

I want to keep that in mind as this undignified and erratic administration takes hold. In other words, I’m going to have to pace myself. And spend a fair amount of time on self-care. To that end, I’m anticipating an unprecedented amount of travel to my safe haven and heroic home state of California in 2017. I need my family and the Central Coast and the wild beauty of the Pacific.

I hope you, too,  find the time this holiday season to enjoy the things that bring you peace. Step away from the fray, enjoy your loved ones, and do the things that fulfill you.

I know some of you who follow and read here don’t agree with my politics and to that end, I will simply say we can agree to respectfully disagree. I will never back down from an agenda of inclusion and justice for all. To those of you who share my views, stay strong. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Merry Christmas, and may the new year be full of blessings — great and small.




5 thoughts on “Working through it

  1. Bravo on getting into your groove! I am with you! I will never accept the band of billionaires as the ligitimet government of the United States and will oppose them at every turn. To take this stand is the only way I can survive the next four years.

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  2. You always inspire me to do better! I agree with you. I need to take care of myself and put my family first. And I vow to help the organizations that will over see this incoming admistration.

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  3.   Dear Kristen, I have mentioned to you that I belong to a group the Catholic or Church Posse, that meets every Friday to do the Rosary and read “The Mystical City Of God” and watch Church Militant. I cannot tell you how focused and calm I become when we do the Rosary. I have learned, thru this class, that we must put our trust in God, turn all our worries and fears over to him and ask for his help. He wants us to go to him, to ask for forgiveness and help.  You have no idea how this has released me from the burden I once  carried. I have put my life in his hands and no longer worry. Prayer is the greatest problem solver. Doing the Rosary every day is the most rewarding time of day. I am saddened by your loss of faith and pray for you every day. I pray that your cancer stays away and that you turn to God for comfort. You have so much to be grateful for. Your friend, Sandi Tannler


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