Amazing grace

My sweet friend Gretta died on Sunday. Ovarian cancer. Fucking cancer. I am at a total loss.

We grew up together, and then, somehow, we got cancer together. Gretta was already a year into it when I was diagnosed. And though her initial surgery and treatment were a success, she learned her cancer had come back right around the time I had my first biopsy. When I told my mother I had breast cancer, the first person she called — the first person she cried with — was Gretta’s mom.

When I think of my dear friend, I think only of her grace and her beauty. She taught me how to live each day with gratitude and hope, even in the face of absolute despair. I have never known anyone like her; she was a beacon of light in my darkest hours.

The last time I reached out to Gretta she was in the hospital. We texted a bit and then she sent me a gif of a beating heart. Two weeks later, she was gone.

Rest in peace, my beautiful friend. I will love you always and forever hold you close in my heart.


6 thoughts on “Amazing grace

  1. Oh Kristen, I am so sorry for the loss of such a long time friend and confidant. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel in hearing this news. My heart goes out to your families. Peace be with you all.

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