Coming home

Sometimes I get stuck in the logistics. My dream to move back to California hampered by the reality of how to make it happen. It seems impossible at times, but I won’t let go. I miss this — my family, the ragged coastline, the mountains that hug the edge of the state. I have come home again. And I love how much my boys love it too. My son wrapped his arms around me as we walked the trail out to the vista point at Montana de Oro. “I know you want to live here, mom. When I get rich, I’m going to buy you a house.”

We arrived a week ago. And for the first time in over 20 years, my brother-in-law is with us. So we are soaking in everything we can, doing things we don’t necessarily do every summer because there’s something about this one, this particular time, that needs to be extra special. We splurged on ocean views in Pismo Beach and spent the last four days covering every inch of the central coast. Again I was reminded how the vibe up there, the ease of daily living and the beauty of the landscape, is something I desperately want to hold on to. When I think of California, picture it in my mind, that is what I see. The fog rolling in over Avila Beach, the charm of San Luis Obispo, the majestic beauty of Montana de Oro. This is the home I dream about.

Now we are back in LA, and on Saturday my husband and his brother will fly back to NY. Maybe they will take a little piece of my dream with them, or maybe they will simply hold tight to the memory of a perfect moment in time. A moment when the rest of the world faded away and there was simply this: California in all her glory.




5 thoughts on “Coming home

  1. Love love this… It looks like you are at Ventana Grill, the view from the balcony.. We always stay at the lighthouse suites.. I hope to retire there too…loads of wine on the beach is in our future!!

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