Now that the tooth is gone, I feel different. Better, yes, but also lighter and more hopeful. I feel like I’ve been released from weeks of pain and discomfort, from the anxiety of knowing the tooth needed to be extracted and the fear of those 10 minutes or so when the oral surgeon yanks the damn thing out. I will say asking for laughing gas in addition to the Novocain was a game changer for me. I had no idea. That stuff is awesome.

The only little glitch in the experience is that I am still bleeding and the extraction site has been slow to heal. I blame myself for this. The oral surgeon knew I was taking baby aspirin (part of my Aromasin therapy), but he felt it wouldn’t be a problem. I should have known it would be. After all, look how long it took my nipples to stop bleeding. So, while I do feel better and the pain is gone, I am totally annoyed that I did not trust my own judgment and just stop the aspirin many many days ago. (I’ve stopped it now, but I think it will take a few days for me to see a significant improvement.)

Aside from that, I’ve been focusing on getting my body to move again. I’ve been trying to stretch and do my PT exercises at night while watching Homeland and Ray Donovan. The floor exercises I need to be doing to increase my mobility are ideal for late night binge watching. When you have to hold a stretch for a minute at a time, it truly does help to have a distraction.

I saw my oncologist on Wednesday and he was pleased to find that my therapy is progressing uneventfully. I seem to be tolerating the drugs really well, and even — at least for the last few nights — sleeping a little better.

My last piece of news is this: I booked a trip to Denver to visit my best growing up friend for a long weekend right before Thanksgiving. If you know me, you might think this is out of character, I’m not one to leave my boys behind, but I need this trip — for me, for her, for everything that was and that is. And I’m so excited to be going that every time I think about it, I get all choked up.

And finally, I don’t say it often enough, but thank you. For reading, for listening, for simply being out there. This blog has seen me through the worst of it. When I scroll back through earlier posts, I am reminded that I’ve come a long way, that life is good, and that my support system is truly amazing.


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. This journey has not been fun, to say the least, but you HAVE come a long way! (p.s. I recently binged all Homeland and Ray Donovan too, so good!!)


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