Moving forward

A week ago we arrived back in New York…and pretty much hit the ground running. California already feels like a life we used to know.

I’ve been taking Aromasin for seven days now and the only troubling side effect, so far, is insomnia. It’s hard to know if my sleeplessness is due to the drug or to jet lag or simply to the fact that I’ve become a terrible sleeper in recent years, but when I am binge watching Amazon Prime at 2 a.m., it’s kind of a problem. My oncologist, Dr. D, is pretty great and I love the way he matter-of-factly outlines all the what-to-expects. The thing he’s most worried about is severe pain in my small joints, but so far, I’m okay. I know it can take weeks, even months, for some of the side effects to reveal themselves, but overall I feel good and I’m hopeful that this will be the right drug for me.

We met with the head of my gynecology practice last night to talk about whether I need surgery to remove my ovaries. I was surprised to hear that any surgery in that area would be complicated by the fact that I have a 47 cm incision running from hip bone to hip bone and that laproscopy may not be an option in my case. I was also surprised to hear that this particular doctor/surgeon does not think I need surgery. I’m paraphrasing, but she feels the gains wouldn’t necessarily justify the risks; I’m too close to natural menopause. She’s going to consult further with my oncologist to ensure that she isn’t missing any information and review all my blood work and labs.

Even though we didn’t make a definitive decision about how to move forward, her hesitation and cautious approach line up nicely with my own instincts. The less surgery, the better. And it kind of clears my head on finishing up my reconstruction. The closer I get to that surgery date, the more ready I am to let my plastic surgeon finish what he started.


2 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. Things seem to be falling into place for you. That is a good sign. As a fellow insomniac, I know how much that sucks, so I hope that it is short lived for you. I pray for you family’s continued good health.


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