Three days ago, I came home. And the rest of the world melted away. I can’t begin to express how happy and grateful I am to be in California, to be exactly where I need to be, and with the people I need to be with. I haven’t cried enough in the last six months, but when our flight landed in Burbank and I saw those amazing mountains silhouetted against the darkening sky, I cried. I waited a long time for summer to come. And now I am home.

Today we took Highway 46 west out of Paso Robles. It’s an incredible drive through Central Coast wine country, vineyards on both sides of a winding mountain pass. As we dropped back down toward the coast, we watched the Cayucos fog creep in over the mountains and I knew I was as far away from Long Island as I could possibly be. Far away from oncology appointments and medical decisions and cancer. The only thing I am thinking about is how many tacos are too many and whether or not we bought enough strawberries at the farmer’s market. Its a simple life. A life I truly love.

Monday we will be back in LA, and the rest of our summer will quickly unfold. But this? This moment, this weekend on the Central Coast, it’s what I dream about. LA is family and friends and long summer nights, but here, tucked between the mountains and the coast, I am home.


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