Last and first

This morning was my last physical therapy appointment. For three months, an amazing team of PTs have been stretching and manipulating and strengthening my arms and abdomen. I am kind of in awe of what they (we) have accomplished. As far as post-surgical pain, discomfort, lack of mobility goes, I’m good to go. Or good as new. Really, it does feel new. Of course, I need to keep moving, keep stretching, doing the exercises on my own, but I’m ready for that and truly motivated by how good I feel.

This afternoon I got my first injection of Lupron. So, now the next chapter begins. Fingers crossed that the whole throwing my body into menopause thing will be fairly easy to tolerate. Hot flashes and moodiness suck, but if that’s the worst of it, I think I’ll be okay.

So a last and a first. Nothing to do but keep moving forward.


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