Sometimes you just need a little something to celebrate. Like a Triple Crown win right in your own backyard. As we walked home from one of our local pubs last night, I told my husband that our life here in town is now complete. When you live in the shadow of the track, when you can stand on your front lawn and spy the blimp overhead, or drive a few blocks over to the barns and watch the horses go through their paces, it’s easy to get swept up in the anticipation and the excitement. We’ve waited a long time for this win.

We three watched Belmont racing most of the day, and then in the late afternoon walked over to the pub and placed our bets. We came home to make dinner and watch the race, then James and I walked back to meet friends for a drink. In light of all the finger pricks and insulin shots and new normal of our day, it was so nice to have something else to focus on. Our winning ticket has such a low payout that we agreed not to cash it. Better to hang on to a little piece of history.

James’s blood sugar levels have been steadily declining, but are still above normal. This morning he was under 200 for the first time. We go back to the endocrinologist tomorrow and I have a long list of questions. I’m not sure why the doctor didn’t give him leeway or instructions on how or when to increase his insulin. Maybe it’s all still too new. We know his numbers spike after he eats, so it kind of makes sense to take a little insulin before a meal. I think that’s what a lot of diabetics do, so I’m not sure why his doctor is keeping him on a single shot of slow acting insulin in the morning. So many questions. But still, progress and so we are grateful for that.

Life unfolds in ways that continue to surprise me. A year ago, I never could have imagined this. Cancer. Diabetes. More doctors and tests and procedures in the last six months than in our entire lives combined. I keep telling myself we’ve reached our quota. And in a strange way, I feel relieved because I know nothing else can possibly go wrong. I’m no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop. It dropped. And we’re still kicking.

Pretty sure we’re going to win the lottery soon.


2 thoughts on “Winnings

  1. I continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. This is not rain, or drenches this thing you guys are living is a down right cyclone. Please give James my heart felt thoughts!

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