Yep. That’s it. I’ve had enough. We’ve had enough. Most of you know that James was diagnosed with diabetes on Thursday. It really explains so much, so many of the symptoms and strange feelings he has had since January/February, what we attributed to stress and the long hard winter, really was dangerously escalated blood sugar levels. We can look back now and see how it all fits together, but in the thick of it, with everything that was going on with my health… Well, we knew things weren’t right, but we didn’t know this. Getting answers was delayed because he was transitioning to a new doctor and it took weeks to get a first appointment — but we seem to be on the right track now.

On Thursday, his blood sugar spiked to 600 and the endocrinologist sent us to the emergency room. Two long days and a great deal of insulin later, his numbers are in the low 200s, which isn’t really good, but by comparison, it is cause for celebration. I have no doubt he will get this under control. But really world? Was this absolutely necessary?

One thing this double health whammy of my cancer and his diabetes tells us is that changes to our diet make a whole lot of sense. We eat pretty clean, the young boy maybe less so than the parents (he does love his doughnuts!), but we do fairly well. I realize now in light of James’s diagnosis that my embrace of the green smoothie trend may not be the best plan for me. Smoothies are high in sugar, low or almost no protein. Granted, it’s natural sugar from fruit and berries, not added sugar, but still. All that fruit may not be the best thing. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant which puts me at greater risk for developing late onset diabetes. So, yeah, I need more protein, less carbs, less sugar, same as the old man.

We’ll get the hang of it. We have great support. Amazing family and friends. And the people who have come out of the woodwork to say, “I have diabetes, too. You can do this,” have been giving him so much hope. I have a dear friend who has walked this road since she was a young girl. She texted last night: “Strength, grace and dignity.”



3 thoughts on “Uncle

  1. I’m primed and ready for this! God bless my warrior wife for basically saving my life. Nuff said. We celebrate 25 years together this upcoming week. Sure wish we could just get 2015 over with right now. Maybe if I just jab a needle in it…!?

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  2. I think “crying uncle” is perfectly apt! I’d add, “What the hell?” In any case, I’m sending healing thoughts for both of you. I have a good friend with multiple sclerosis who developed diabetes some years ago. She has really managed both and has few symptoms but is diligent with ensuring sleep, diet and exercise. It’s impressive, and I can totally see you two being the same way. Along with positive thoughts, I’m also going to wish that something huge and exciting and fantastic happens to you all very soon — like in the lines of winning the lottery!

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