Exactly right

A low-dose, three-day course of Prednisone has pretty much wiped out the rash. There are shadows here and there where the rash lingers, but for the most part, it is gone. I have an appointment with my breast surgeon on Monday and the oncologist on the following Friday. I have no doubt they are putting together some sort of plan, but for now I’m just going to sit back into the nothingness of the unknown. I am not thinking about rogue cancer cells, I am thinking about moving on — going forward into my life.

I’ve been writing again, essays mostly, and it feels exactly right, this urgency to get the words out. I have my eye on a couple of literary journals, and have been spending my days rewriting and polishing and reading submission guidelines. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried submitting for publication, but I have a good feeling about this. I sense personal essays are staging a comeback, and I want in.

In other news, we are piecing together our summer, making plans and mapping out the first 10 days of our trip when James will be with us. And this too feels exactly right. Joni Mitchell is singing in my ear again, California, I’m coming home.


5 thoughts on “Exactly right

  1. Sending love…things eventually fall into place!! Can’t wait to see you..I promise not to spill coffee all over myself this time!


  2. I am so pleased you are feeling more optimistic. Margo always loved your writing and enjoyed the books you
    recommend she read. How exciting to be doing what you love to do. You have had five “Angels” praying for
    you., in Morro Bay, since your mother told me of your condition . We do the Rosary every Friday afternoon
    with you at the fore front.
    Much affection,

    Sandi Tannler


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