Quick update

The rash is definitely spreading. Still arms and legs only, but it’s covering a lot more real estate in those neighborhoods. No itching, no pain, but I’ll be honest — I don’t think I can live with this. I’m puzzled by so many things. And it’s clear my doctors are puzzled as well.

  • no pain or itching
  • slow-spreading
  • no signs of improvement in nearly 7 days

For now, I’m still on the tamoxifen. But I have a feeling the oncologist will pull me off of it when I see her Monday afternoon. I really think this is a drug-related rash. The allergist thinks it could also be an allergy to the baby aspirin I take with the tamoxifen, but he said it’s very uncommon to react to aspirin in such a low dosage. I say none of this is common… if it was, we’d know exactly what it is.

Maybe they’ll pull the baby aspirin first and see what happens. I take the baby aspirin every other day. I took it last night and the rash seems worse this morning. Maybe the rash spreads slowly because it’s only reacting to the every other day dose of aspirin?

I don’t think it’s the smoothies. I’ve been smoothie-free for almost 6 days, and the rash is spreading, not retreating. I didn’t react to any of the skin patch tests for spinach, mango, pineapple, or banana, and I’ve been eating all those foods my entire life with no problem. I had a couple slices of mango with my breakfast yesterday and I put some spinach on my sandwich, maybe that wasn’t wise, but I just don’t think it’s the food.

So… that’s where things stand today. Biopsy results should be available Wednesday. Oncologist appointment tomorrow afternoon. And daily phone check-ins with the allergist.

In other news, I saw my plastic surgeon on Friday. (No, I didn’t show him the rash…) My incisions are healing and everything is on schedule from his perspective. We scheduled my next (out-patient) surgery for September 1st. I’m not sure how I feel about moving forward into this fine-tuning phase, but I think I’ll be sorry if I don’t see this all the way through. As much as I just want to be done with this chapter in my life, I think I need to go ahead and let him finish what he started.


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