When my husband and son decided to join the St. Baldrick’s brigade, to raise money for children’s cancer research and shave their heads, we all knew there was a chance I’d be in the middle of chemo treatments and possibly losing my hair as well. I know their reasons for signing up were tied to that possibility — to feel solidarity with me and what I was going through — but also linked to the deep ties our community has with St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Some years ago, our town lost a dear boy to cancer. It’s a small town. Mayberry, in fact. And this boy and his family have not been forgotten. In his honor, our community has raised millions of dollars for childhood cancer research.

As you know, chemo was not my destiny. But my two guys, they kept going anyway. They made a commitment and they stuck with it. Together, my husband, my son, and one of my son’s dear friends teamed up and raised thousands of dollars for cancer research. Yesterday, they stood in line with over 250 of our friends and neighbors and got shaved.

It was a touching and remarkable day. Our community is amazing. And I am truly blessed.



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