Another win, part 2

A quick update following my appointment with the breast surgeon this afternoon:

  • Dr. P is “very pleased” with how I’m healing. She said from her perspective, I’m even a little of ahead of schedule.
  • She is referring me to a physical therapist for an evaluation. She said the range of motion in my arms is “pretty good” but that PT can help speed things along. She also gave me the okay to start working with my trainer again on some light stretching and easy stamina building exercises.
  • She is ordering Oncotype DX testing for my tumor. The results will take about two weeks, but will hopefully give us a definitive answer on whether or not chemo will be necessary. She said I definitely do not need radiation.

The only thing left for me to do now — besides rest and continue to heal — is to make an appointment in two weeks with the oncologist and an appointment as soon as possible with the PT. I see both surgeons again in about three weeks.

I’ll be honest. I came home today and went straight to bed. I think it just hit me, all of it, how exhausted I still am, how much effort it takes to be awake and “on” when my son gets home from school. The effort I’m making to keep going after dinner, to have time with my husband, to not have every second of every day feel like a sick day. I know I’m doing well. I’m surprised I feel as good as I do. But it’s only been two weeks and few days… I think I’m fine, that I can run a quick errand (no I’m not driving, it’s all in my head), or make an appointment to get my hair done. But I’m not there yet.

Closer, for sure. But not yet.


5 thoughts on “Another win, part 2

  1. Hey K, Your last two posts sound really good. So your diligence seems to be paying off. And you will get stronger, things will get easier, you will regain your energy. You will be able to drive and get your hair done. Time & patience. I’m very happy for you, James & Gram. Ned


  2. Oh Kristen, you are doing so well! Today was a big one, no wonder you were exhausted :). Every day brings some setbacks I’m sure, but seemingly small accomplishments are huge. Keep positive!


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