A very quick update

My entire panel of genetic testing — all 28 genes — came back negative. In a nutshell: No BRCA mutations, and no gene mutations of any kind that are associated with cancer risks. It’s good news. But all it really means is that my cancer likely stems from a random gene mutation and all the known cancers in my extended family are probably nothing more than what’s considered a “familial” cluster.

I know that is oversimplifying the results, but I’m happy to stick to the bottom line. Negative. Nothing here to worry about. Grateful to be putting this one, at least, behind me.


5 thoughts on “A very quick update

  1. Why, why did I not know that you were blogging? And I am so sorry to hear of your cancer, so grateful that you have shared this here and I send you a million healing thoughts as you get ready for surgery. Blessings and love and strength and courage your way.


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