Sometimes there is actual good news

I called Dr. P’s office at 8:00 am — I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the possibility of an abnormal bone scan result was weighing heavy on my mind. Rita, Dr. P’s amazing right hand, was on it. “Normal,” she said, and we both kind of giggled. I might have asked if she was sure, but then she said, “Yes, good news.”

When you are so used to every test result leading to more tests, to abnormal findings and one thing leading to another, it’s hard to trust that there will ever be a positive outcome. I know Dr. P was unconcerned about the bone scan, but that 1.1cm mass on my sternum was like a dark cloud covering all the other dark clouds. There is such a strong history of bone cancer in my family… Anyway, now we can move on. Next up: MRI assisted biopsy on the right breast Dec. 31st.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes there is actual good news

  1. Phew! So nice and such a relief to get good news. I’m very happy for you! I pray for you regularly and am sending you lots of love. I hope this good news warms and brightens Christmas for you! ❤

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