Strange days

Dr. P called last night at 9:30 with the results of my MRI. It wasn’t easy to hear that they found an additional mass on the left and a small mass on the right. They also found “something” on my sternum.

The “good” news: She isn’t concerned about the 1.1 cm mass on my sternum because she believes it is a benign overgrowth of blood vessels, something she said is fairly common. I will need a bone scan to be sure. Also, the additional mass on the left is a non-issue because surgery will remove all my breast tissue on that side as well as any necessary lymph nodes.

The “not-so-good” news: The mass on the right. Again, it’s small. But if it is malignant, then I will have to have lymph nodes on the right removed during surgery. If it is benign, I can choose to save or keep the lymph nodes on the right and eliminate the risk for post-surgery lymphedema. So it all comes down to the lymph nodes and quality of life down the road.

Anyway, here’s another thing I love about Dr. P: She always tells me what she would choose to do if it were her. She says, “Speaking as a woman, not as a doctor, I would opt for X.” Last night she said this, “If it were me, I’d go ahead and get a biopsy on the right because it could have an impact on how we move forward with your surgery. As your doctor, I would prefer you have the biopsy even though I know it’s adding one more difficult procedure.”

I’m having the biopsy.

Last night I dreamed (which means I slept! Three cheers for that!) that I had to go to Tennessee for additional testing. In my dream, the hospital there had imaging machines that no one else in the country had. The leader of my girl tribe came with me, but her family was outraged because we weren’t coming home until Christmas Eve and she hosts every year. I dreamed that I told our son about my cancer in a cubicle at my husband’s office with the staff of his mail room looking on.

Strange days, my friends.


6 thoughts on “Strange days

    • Pretty wild dreams, but oh so interesting. So much to process and your doc sounds like a rock. Thank you for staying open to sharing with all of us as you move forward with the surgeries and healing. xo

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  1. If you DO find yourself in Tennessee for additional testing (whether via a dream or in reality), I would so love to visit you…Nothing like visiting a few Honky Tonks and listening to some great music (and perhaps a quickie visit to the Jack Daniels Distillery) to get you back on the road to recovery!


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